Wedding & Event Childcare

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Why Use WeCare Nannies?

Great Question!

Well, we are experts in our field.

Children are our passion, and we accept nothing less than high quality and reliable care for them.


We staff events large and small year round and work with out-of-state event planning companies, local small businesses, large corporations, churches and the military

What Type of Events Can We Support? 

We have worked a large variety of events staffing anywhere between 2 caregivers and 50 caregivers, and are able to meet whatever your event staffing needs may be. We have worked corporate events, non-profit events, fundraisers, conferences, weddings, church care, and more

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Event Staffing Info

Staffing Ratios

These staffing ratios are estimates.


We work with each individual event to staff the best ratios according to any special needs, allergies, or 1:1 care that may be necessary.


Infant(up to 12 months): 3:1

Toddler(12 to 24 months)4:1

Pre-school(2 years to 4 years)5:1

School Age(5 to 14 years)8: 1

Event Childcare Staffing Pricing

We work individually with every event to create a custom quote for pricing based on the specific needs of the event. 

We look forward to making your event a huge success!