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Why you should hire childcare for your wedding or next event!

What is event childcare? Event childcare is when a person, organization, or company hires onsite childcare during their event.

What are the benefits of having onsite childcare for our next event?

· Increases attendance amongst guests who have children. Parents typically aren’t excited about having to manage watching their children all night while trying to enjoy the wedding. If the family is traveling from out of town they may not know or trust any local sitters, so having care onsite could make them feel most comfortable.

· Children are supervised and engaged. We’ve all attended an event where children are present. There are so many things happening, so many different places to be, some children are in the wedding party and need to be certain places at times- this is where having an event sitter can help make your event a huge success and the children will be safe.

· Let’s face it- kids don’t love events meant for adults. Having event childcare is great because it engages the children, and they feel like they are at an event or party of their own rather than the “boring” adult event.

What type of events can I hire childcare for?

· Weddings

Adult only receptions and destination weddings have become very popular with brides and grooms. Our babysitters can shadow or provide care for little ones during the wedding and/or reception, to allow the adults to enjoy the special day. The bride and groom can organize childcare for their special day with the agency or we can be added to your wedding website and put in your wedding rsvp’s for your guest to book their babysitter on their own. Our Agency can provide sitters for the following:

1. The reception: Watch over, entertain, help serve the children their dinner, escort to restroom, accompany the children at the children’s table and can assist with activities, crafts, coloring pages after they eat. 2. Designated Room/ Suite: Watch over the children in a separate location during the ceremony or reception; feed them; entertain them. 3. Outdoors at the Reception: Watch over the children on the lawn or in an outside area where they can play and interact with the children. 4. At the Ceremony: Watch over and assist guests with their children during the ceremony or watch over the children in the wedding party in between events/ pictures. 5. Watch children Privately for attendees in their individual hotel rooms.

· Corporate Events, Non-profit events, and conferences

Many small and large companies will have conventions, holiday parties, training for their employees, retreats or functions at a venue or hotel and they will hire our agency to provide childcare during their scheduled event or program.

· Family Gatherings, birthday parties, retirement parties

If you are hosting a party, we can accommodate.

We can offer stand alone babysitting services or design a specific childcare program with a schedule of activities during the times care is needed. Our caregivers can entertain and occupy children of all ages with fun activities, games and toys.

· Church Events

We are a perfect fit for our church clients from Sunday School assistance, retreats in and out of the church and weekly bible study classes.

Many churches use our agency on a weekly basis or just on very busy holidays such as Easter or Christmas. There are many services we can offer to our local churches. We can help provide services for:

  1. Nursery Care during church services

  2. Bible Studies, Men’s or Woman’s group meetings

  3. Retreats

  4. Church function/event or program

  5. Funerals

  6. Weddings

  7. Sunday School or Bible School

  8. Preschool or Daycare within the Church

Should I have a separate space for the children? This depends. If you are having more than 10 children, we highly recommend having a separate room or space for the children. It can often get chaotic for caregivers chasing multiple children around a large, crowded space. If having a separate space is not an option for you we can work through different ways to make sure the children are safe and supervised.

What does pricing for event childcare look like?

Each event is different, therefore pricing will vary. We work with each event specifically to find a solution that works best for them.

What does booking look like?

Every event is different. We work with each event to find what works best for them. You can fill out our booking form on our site at https://www.wecarenannies.com/wedding-event and we will reach out to find your perfect event childcare solution.