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Slowing down can help children thrive!

Hurry up! Let’s go! Get your shoes on! Do you ever find yourself frantically running around and rushing your children? I get it. We all have been there. Being a parent, caregiver, or nanny Is a hard and demanding job. We often forget to slow down, and think of the impact the stress of rushing has on children.

A child’s brain is continuously being built every day. Did you know our brains don’t stop developing until we are around 25 years old! That’s a lot of development. When we rush, we are training the brain to have stress and anxiety! It may be hard to believe, but we can create anxiety by just rushing the children! It can make them feel afraid, or like we will be mad if they aren’t doing it fast enough. This can often override their natural “do it myself” inclinations and instead have them wanting us to do it for them.

Children don’t want to be controlled or feel like they are controlled. It’s our jobs as caregivers to help them grown and develop through encouraging independence and doing things themselves. Taking a few extra minutes to have patience, and slow down without whatever situation you are in will help decrease stress for everyone involved.

Does your child need to get their socks and shoes on? Sit there and encourage them with positivity, let them know it’s okay to take their time.

Is your child struggling to do their zipper? Offer to show them the way and let them try.

This gives them back control and makes them feel at ease taking the time they need to accomplish the things they aim to do!

Some tips to help you slow down:

  • Plan extra time when you need to leave or do an activity

  • Plan ahead by laying out clothes, prepping meals, or knowing your route

  • Eliminate any distractions- turn off the television or remove toys from the situation

  • Remain calm. If the children see you stressed, it will cause them stress. Quiet and calm tones can help ease the chaos.

  • Encourage the children to do it themselves or pitch in.

There are only so many hours in a day and days in the week. As a parent or caregiver, you won’t always accomplish everything you set out to and you definitely won’t always be on time. Just remember, slowing down and remaining calm can have a huge impact on how things get done!