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So you want to find an amazing nanny? Tips to finding the "unicorn" nanny of your dreams.

Hiring right now is tough for everyone. They aren’t calling it the great resignation for no reason. Finding good quality nannies can be even more tough and it is very competitive. Now, more than ever, great nannies are only accepting positions with fair legal pay and benefits. If you want the best chance at hiring a great nanny, I recommend reading on.

Some ways to land the “unicorn” nanny of your dreams:

• Offer a set schedule, that aligns with standard business hours (ex. 9:00am-5:00pm M-F) Unique schedules, shifts more than 12 hours per day, and split shift positions are much harder to fill and typically result in higher pay structures.

• Offer Standard Nanny Benefits. (See Below)

• Offer Competitive Pay. Pay varies by market. We are happy to have conversations with you about competitive pay for the market you’re in. Be prepared to negotiate.

• Think long-term (Minimum 1 year). Anything less than a year commitment significantly reduces the number of candidates we can recruit for a position.

• Job Description: Be clear and up front about what your expectations are. No Surprises!

Nanny Benefits

The nanny industry is a competitive market, just like most other industries right now. We strongly encourage families to offer at a minimum: guaranteed hours, vacation pay, sick pay and holiday pay.

Guaranteed Hours: Just as a family you expect your caregiver to be available for you, your caregiver is counting on the income they receive from you. Guaranteed hours is paying a set number of agreed upon hours per week, even if or when the caregiver works less due to the family not needing them. This includes if you finish work early and relieve them early, if your family heads on vacation and doesn’t need the caregiver, or your family is ill and asks the caregiver not to come in. These are just some examples, there may be other situations that arise. When the caregiver asks to take off, this does not fall under guaranteed hours and the caregiver would utilize their own PTO.

Vacation Pay: In the nanny industry it is standard to offer between 2 weeks to 4 weeks of paid time off per year. We encourage families to offer at a bare minimum the first two weeks of PTO to be used at the nanny’s discretion and not have their vacation align with yours. We are happy to help work out the details between you and the caregiver in the interview and negotiation process.

Sick Pay: Let’s be honest. Children get sick, sometimes a lot. Your caregiver will be working on the front lines with your sick child and will more than likely get sick caring for your children. In addition to those illnesses a caregiver will likely have their own reasons for needing sick days. We suggest paying unlimited sick days (within reason of course) for the times your caregiver contracts an illness from your children or family, however we understand that may not be feasible. We recommend a minimum of 5 paid sick days per year. To be the best caregiver for your family your caregiver needs to be healthy and well taken care of. This can’t happen if they don’t have the opportunity to rest and recover.

Holiday Pay: We recommend paying your caregiver for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. In addition to these holidays many caregivers ask for: Black Friday, Christmas Eve, and New Year’s Eve. Many of our families choose to offer all federal holidays to their nanny.

Health Insurance: Although this is not something we require, it is a competitive benefit that many families are offering to their employees. A healthy caregiver, is a happy caregiver. Many domestic employees do not have the opportunity to obtain health insurance so they turn to the health insurance marketplace. Employers can help offset these costs by offering a monthly or annual health insurance stipend. This stipend is considered nontaxable income. This means neither you nor your caregiver will pay taxes on the stipend. If you have any further questions on the health insurance stipend please reach out directly and we are happy to get you all the information you need.

Professional Development: A nanny or caregiver caring for your children or home can always improve by investing in development. There are so many courses, webinars, workshops, conferences and training days in the industry. Supporting your nanny with a stipend and paid time off to work on development will ultimately help your family with having a better and more experienced caregiver.

There are many other options to come in with a competitive offer in addition to the more standard benefits we mentioned above,

Some things we’ve seen are:

  • A gym membership or access to family’s home gym

  • Access to a vehicle both at work and outside of work

  • Transit Passes

  • Relocation Assistance

  • Provide meals and drinks in the home

We hope this helps, and if you have any questions we are always happy to answer or help in anyway possible!