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Everyone Can Benefit From A Birth Doula

As a childcare business we partner and build relationships with businesses in all aspects of raising children from birth through their teenage years.

Meet Kiarisel Newell from Empowered Beginnings, an Orlando based company.

Kiarisel is a Professional Certified Professional Doula through Madriella Network and a Certified Babywearing Educator through Mammissi Birth Services.

Whether a birthing person decides to give birth in a hospital, birth center, or at home, a doula can be a source of major benefit. Even for those who plan to receive an epidural or cesarean. A doula, as myself, would be there to support you in whatever your birth preferences are. Help empower you to have conversations with your provider and advocate for what is important to you during birth.

What is a birth doula and how can a doula help me?

A birth doula is a trained professional who provides emotional, physical and informational support to new and expectant parents during pregnancy, labor and birth, and the early post-partum period. Many doulas also provide resources for birth education, lactation, and any other service that their client might need relating to pregnancy, childbirth, and post-partum.

During birth, a doula provides physical support by assisting and encouraging the birthing person to use various positions to help labor progress. Which is also beneficial when one decides to have an epidural. Comfort measures a doula can provide include soft touch massage, counter-pressure, breathing techniques, and encouraging affirmations to help one get through labor contractions.

Benefits of having a birth doula

Whether it is your first or subsequent birth, multiple studies have found that the continuous support of a trained doula results in:

• Reduced rates of cesarean section

• More likely to have a vaginal birth

• Shorter labor

• Lower episiotomy rates

• Reduced use of labor augmenting and induction medication

• Decrease in the use of pain medications

• Increased breastfeeding rates

• Increased family bonding

• Increased satisfaction with the birth experience

But what if I have a cesarean?

Doulas can also help when a cesarean is planned or unplanned by making your birth experience as positive and memorable as possible depending on your preferences. Whether it be a gentle cesarean, informing you about delayed cord clamping, how to advocate for yourself and your baby for skin-to-skin, and assisting you with initiating breastfeeding.

I already have a partner to support me

A birth doula’s main job is to be the constant source of comfort, encouragement, and support physically and emotionally for the birthing person and their partner. A doula does not replace the role of the birth partner or spouse. If anything a doula can help enhance the birth experience for all participants by assisting the birth partner in being involved in a meaningful and beneficial way for the birthing person.

Is a doula for me?

This blog didn’t receive it’s title by accident. I truly believe that everyone can benefit from the support of a birth doula. There is more to doula work than what was shared. But if any of what was shared resonated with you, please feel free to reach out for a free consultation and share this post so more people can learn about birth doulas.

Interested in contacting Kiarisel?

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