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Communication Is Key!

Too often I hear from families or caregivers that their relationship fell apart over a breakdown in communication. It is one of the reasons I regularly say that communication is key to a great working relationship. This holds value in any industry, but when someone is taking care of your children it is even more important. 


When a nanny is employed by a family, they are responsible for loving, nurturing, and teaching your child while you are not there. This person will build a relationship with your child and become an important part of your life. A great working relationship is the key to keeping this relationship healthy and long term!  


In my previous experiences as a nanny, there were several times things bothered me or weren’t going the way that I thought they would. Early in my career I would let these things build up because I was afraid of rocking the boat, so to speak. What I didn’t realize back then was that yes, I do not want to upset my employers but I also need to ensure that I am happy in my position. My happiness in the position was the key to providing the children and the family with a quality nanny experience. As I learned to communicate, I found the importance of discussing these little things with the families that I worked for so we could work things out, rather than let it build up and potentially have both parties unhappy.

No issue is too big or too small to discuss. If your nanny is putting away a dish in the wrong place, or not keeping the changing table tidy and it’s driving you crazy; it is important to have a conversation about it. If no conversation is had resentment can build and annoyance can grow. If the family that you work for is coming home 5 minutes late every day and it’s impacting your entire night, you need to say something so that you can continue to live your life outside of work. Rather than build up anger or resentment, have a conversation. It could be the make it or break it conversation that causes your nanny/family relationship to make or it or fall apart!  

Some tips for great communication

  • Schedule regular times to catch up and discuss any changes, concerns, or things that are going great. This can be daily, weekly, or once a month. Whatever works best for everyone

  • Get outside of your comfort zone. Having a tough conversation is never easy, but crucial to building a lasting relationship

  • Stick to facts and try to avoid emotions when possible

  • Be positive, yes there may be negative things happening but work towards a solution rather than focus on the negative.

  • Be approachable and open to feedback

We hope some of these tips will help you foster a better and stronger relationship!

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