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All About WeCare Nannies

WeCare Nannies came from a place of us truly caring. Caring for others- families and caregivers alike. We want to focus equally on everyone throughout the entire process to ensure a perfect match. Finding a caregiver can feel overwhelming. There are many steps: screening through candidates, interviewing, calling references, going with those gut feelings. It can feel like you may never find the right fit, or how do you know who is the right fit? We understand and that is where we come in. Our combined experience in the childcare industry gives us a unique edge on truly focusing on finding the right fit for YOU! We are invested, we care.

How can WeCare Nannies help me?

When we got together and came up with the idea of creating WeCare Nannies, we were truly setting out to create a top-notch experience for household staff and families. We are invested in taking the time to understand both the family and caregiver side and find that perfect match. Some of our services include:

We offer 3-tiered placement packages to provide the opportunity for each family to find a package that meets their needs. In addition to our full placement packages, we offer a la carte screening, and consultations with both families and household staff.

Get to know the people behind WeCare Nannies


Both a career nanny of over 15 years, and former agency owner, Crystal has dedicated her entire career to the nanny industry. She invests in continuing to educate both herself, and other nannies on industry standards, all things childcare related, and career growth in the industry.

Chase and Spencer

As entrepreneurs Spencer and Chase are dedicated to building, growing and supporting education and family-oriented businesses. With this philosophy, Chase and Spencer incubated the idea of WeCare with the support of Crystal and focus on best-in-class service. Having founded a network of childcare centers called Otter Learning, WeCare was a natural extension of the Otter Learning family of services and brands.

Why choose us?

Great question. We’ve worked long and hard bringing together our experience to create a recruitment and family onboarding process that helps us understand your needs and wants on a deep level. We pride ourselves on our personalized process, one where we are with you throughout every step in the process. We believe children are the happiest and have the greatest opportunity to reach their potential when they are in an environment that supports and values their strengths. We strive to provide environment in and away from the home so that busy families can be a family again. We are here to support you, coach you, and take your feedback when the need arises.

How do I get started with WeCare Nannies?

If you’re a family, you can head over to our family page and start the application. Any questions feel free to email or call anytime! Phone: 407-986-7857 Email: contact@wecarenannies.com

If you’re a nanny fill out our application here! https://www.wecarenannies.com/nannies

Corporate Care Inquiries can be submitted here: https://www.wecarenannies.com/corporate

We look forward to the chance to work with you soon!

Crystal, Spencer, and Chase