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7 free or low cost Spring Break staycation ideas!

It's the season of Spring Break's starting all across the country, so we thought it was a great time to share some of our favorite staycation activities. Keeping kids engaged and entertained when they are home for an entire week can feel exhausting! We hope we can help spark some ideas that will help keep everyone happy, active, and engaged!

1. Create a vacation bucket list. This is a great idea for school age kids. You can let me them go to the map, explore places, and find places they think they’d enjoy. Let them research that area, find local things to do, places to eat, or cool things to visit and let them create a bucket list! You never know- you may make it there some day!

2. Go on a scavenger hunt. This is a great idea for toddlers through school age. This can be a nature scavenger hunt, searching for things throughout town, or many other things. Check out this article for 30 ideas for scavenger hunts https://www.goodhousekeeping.com/life/parenting/g32050844/scavenger-hunt-ideas-for-kids/

3. Take a virtual field trip. The possibilities are endless. Check out this awesome list of virtual field trips you can take with kids https://www.weareteachers.com/best-virtual-field-trips/

4. Learn to cook a new dish. Cooking is a great activity for children of any age. It teaches planning and organizing, math skills, It’s a sensory experience and it’s fun! Research some new recipes with the kids and let them be a master chef with you! Here is some inspiration: https://tasty.co/article/melissaharrison/cooking-with-kids

5. Read books about other parts of the word. This is a great way for children to learn about other countries, cultures, and cool places all from home, and the best part is they are reading and engaged in books at the same time! Here are some book suggestions you can start with: https://www.marcieinmommyland.com/12-best-childrens-books-about-countries-of-the-world/

6. Start a garden in the backyard (or windowsill). You don’t need a huge space to start a garden, it can be as small as a pot in the windowsill or a box in the backyard. Gardening is a great activity to teach children about life, growing things, caring for things, and all of the different phases of plant life. This activity will allow them to watch their plants grow far beyond spring break.

7. Paint rocks and scatter them through your neighborhood or town for others to find. It’s a great activity for the kids, and a great way to bring a smile to someone else’s face.

We hope this helps keep your spring break staycation a little more fun for everyone!

-The WeCare Nannies Team