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6 Tips For Teaching Children Kindness

It's National Random Acts of Kindness day! We thought it would be fitting to talk about ways to teach children kindness, after all it is our jobs as parents and caregivers to help them learn kindness and compassion!

1. Compliment people: Teaching kids you can make someone smile by simply saying something nice is a great way to help children learn kindness. It can be something as simple as “I like your shoes” or “what a cool toy” Compliment them and others often, and they will learn how important kindness is.

2. Volunteer: Whether your actions are large or small there is always a way to lend a helping hand. Kids learn from us, and if they see us volunteering, they will also want to volunteer. This can be at an animal shelter, helping a neighbor, at a senior center, or anywhere you and the children can donate your time for good.

3. Read Books About Kindness: There are so many amazing books out there that talk about kindness, treating others with kindness, and helping kids really understand what kindness is.

4. Acknowledge Kindness: Show your child that you notice when someone does something kind. For example, if someone holds open a door for you, say “it was really kind of them to hold the door for us” Likewise if your child treats someone nicely, be sure to acknowledge and praise their effort.

5. Don’t let Rudeness Go: You might say “Wow, that barista must being having a bad day to talk in such a mean voice to us. What do you think?” This teaches your child when someone is unkind, you don’t have to be mean in response.

6. Be Patient With Your Children: Kindness and compassion are learned and life presents challenging situations to everyone, including adults. Being a loving parent or caregiver and a great role model will take you great lengths in raising a wonderful and tolerant human being.