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5 Tips for Traveling With your Nanny

People are starting to travel again, the world is opening, and it is coming up on the time of year when many families travel. Have you considered bringing your nanny on your family vacation? Here are some tips to providing a successful trip for both you and your nanny!

1.) This is YOUR family vacation and not your nanny’s vacation. Even if you give your nanny downtime to do their own thing on the trip, you must remember they are not able to go home at the end of the night and see their family or pets, they are on a business trip.

2.) Your nanny should be paid for every hour worked while on vacation, just as when they are working in your home. If your nanny works over 40 hours while on vacation, they should, be paid overtime for those additional hours. This includes traveling to and from the airport, time flying, or time spent in the car driving to a destination.

Dependent on the agreement between your nanny and your family, there also might be an overnight ‘per diem’ fee for your nanny, for the inconvenience of being away from their own home. Most nannies won’t travel without this. If your nanny is responsible for the children overnight (sharing a room or being responsible for the monitor), that should be considered “working hours,” and they should be paid hourly for overnight as well.

3.) Again, this is not your nanny’s vacation, they are fulfilling work obligations. A good rule of thumb when considering what travel expenses to cover for your nanny is to use the “corporate trip” analogy—ask yourself: “on a company required business trip, what would my employer expense, and what would I pay out of pocket?” We recommend you pay for all accommodations, travel, any activities the nanny participates in with your family, and food expenses while on your trip.

4.) Take the opportunity to give your nanny some downtime. There is no faster way to burn your nanny out than to have them on duty 24/7 while on a trip. Try to decipher these days and times before you travel, so the nanny can plan ahead and schedule whatever activities they may want to plan.

5.) Make sure you are all on the same page for the logistics of the trip. As with any employer-employee relationship, communication is key. Ensuring that everyone is alignment for any and all important details pertaining to the trip, including pay, travel arrangements, and work responsibilities while away, is of the utmost importance.

If crucial details aren’t discussed in advance, you may find yourself with a potential issue, as nannies can often find themselves disappointed that they didn’t receive additional pay for additional hours or travel time when they were expecting it. Have this conversation well in advance of traveling, to ensure everyone is on the same page and all are satisfied with the agreement. Following these tips can help ensure a smooth vacation, and a better relationship between your family and nanny.

Do you have travel related questions we may have missed? Reach out, we are always happy to talk through scenarios with our nannies or families!

Happy Travels!